Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Things I've Never Done in EVE (And Want to do Some Day)

It’s easy to get fixated in your own little world in EVE. There are so many things that allow you to get involved, in-depth, that’s it’s often hard to break away. You have the skills, experience –you know the ropes. It’s convenient to just continue doing what you’re good at.

But sometimes, it’s interesting to do something completely different. To learn PVP, when all you’ve done are missions –or to put on your inner carebear when all you have known is the evil life of piracy.

After nearly 6 years in this game, and 110 million skillpoints, I find there are several things in game I’ve never done that I would like to do. In fact, there are entire ‘worlds’ within the game I’ve never experienced –aspects of game play that come with their own community and life style that I simply do not understand.

For other things, it’s just a matter of brushing the lazy off, firing up the alt, and doing it.

Here are five things I've never done that I would like to do someday:

1. Complete a storyline mission arc.

A couple weeks ago I started the Sisters of EVE storyline arc, as I heard it was a relatively easy, fun one to do. Unfortunately, since I was running it on an alt and she’s also used for other things, I got distracted a dozen missions in.

I’ve never been much of a mission runner. Even when billions of ISK could be made doing missions in Faction War during Inferno, I only ran a few out of obligation.

I hope to finish the Sister of EVE someday as I found it to be kind of relaxing.

2. Live in a wormhole.

I was chatting with a wormhole dweller on my alt the other day, and started to realize how little I really know about this aspect of the game. The concept of living with a corporation in a wormhole—building caps and running difficult sites with triage and etc., fascinated me. I never knew that the process  was that complicated.

The idea of living in nomansland is kind of interesting, also. Though, I’d be scared to die and not be able to find my way back! It’s too bad you couldn’t set up cloning services at a POS or something.

3. Run an incursion.

I’ve never even warped to an incursion site before, and the only experience I’ve really had with incursions is seeing stuff pop up when one is nearby.

I’ve heard that there’s all sorts of strategy that’s needed for running incursions and that there are entire ‘shield fleet’ and ‘armor fleet’ incursion communities out there.

It would be fun to run just one or two to see what it is like.

4. Hot drop in a super capital.

Okay. So a lot of low-sec pirate turn down their noses as capital warfare—especially any sort of super capital warfare.

I guess you can take the girl out of nullsec, but you can’t completely take the nullsec out of the girl. Even after my years of small gang, low-sec gameplay, I continue to have an itch for getting in a big ship and dropping it on something for reasons of death and mayhem.

5. Bomb someone.

This one might be happening sooner rather than later, as one of my alliance mates is heavily involved in the bombers bar, and would probably help me get setup in a heartbeat.

I always thought it would be fun to fly in coordination with a bunch of people, to bomb something large, or bomb a large fleet of some sort. The idea of taking a small, paper thin ship and dealing a massive load of damage on someone sounds like an adrenaline rush. =D

What have you never done in game, that you hope to do someday?


  1. I hung out with the bomber's bar folks for the first time yesterday. We jumped 3 dreadnaughts last night. It was a blast.

    1. Hi thx for your blog could you do a post on setting up your overview for FW.

  2. For bombing, three words. Dirt. Nap. Squad.