Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeping Up

I’ve been busy lately.

PVPing of course. And attempting to do Faction War missions and failing miserably, yet again. Being at tier 4, I have this unshakable urge to farm something. After making it through a single level three mission last night, I decided, once again, that missions are horrible and that I HATE them. And that I would never do them again and that I’d rather put pins in my eyes and dip my fingertips into hot acid.

Okay, maybe not that bad. But I would rather do almost anything else, and am decidedly far enough away from being poor for it to not be worthwhile.

I’ve also been busy with the alliance shop, having expanded with a bunch of new ships. I’ve sold over 830 ships since the middle of January, and it seems the more I give them the more they want. “Susan, how about fitting up a bunch of THIS ship?” “Susan, could you please fit and sell some of THOSE?”

“SUSAN, there are no more [Insert Ship Name Here] on contracts and I neeeeed one!”

I feel like a Spaceship vending machine some nights.

The Amarr have been more quiet then usual as of late. At least, on the PVP front. They've been less than quiet in other places, but I won’t get into that.

There’s been a lot of speculation about why the Minmatar are winning so thoroughly. It’s this group or that group. It’s because the Amarr are terribad.

I have no idea really. I don’t know if the Amarr aren't as active because the Minmatar are winning or if the Minmatar are winning because the Amarr aren’t as active. I don’t know if some big group is taking over and farming us (I’m sure there’s probably more than one) or if the speculation about a big group farming the Minmatar has made the Amarr give up trying, since they think the situation is out of their control.

I don’t really care either.

And then of course we have the whole CSM 8 election. I should probably say something, or provide some analysis or opinion about the various candidates. If only I knew who they all were…lol I know the dude that spammed me last year is running. I know the dude that writes a lot and makes people mad is running. I know a Goon is running. And a bunch of other people.

Granted, I only have three votes. And, I don’t even pretend to be influential, though I’d love to throw support behind someone I think would make a good candidate. Right now, I just don’t know. I guess I should start reading up on these guys. Ugh

Anyway, alliance contracts are waiting to be put up, and Amarrians are waiting to be blown up.

And promises to keep...promises to keep.
And AUs to go before I sleep. ;)


  1. Minmatar pilots: 5593
    Amarr pilots : 3965

    Kills Yesterday

    Minmatar: 346
    Amarr : 496

  2. The amarr made their push.
    Now the minmatar are making their push again.
    I am sure the amarr will take the lead in a month or two. Then the minmatar will get it back. Seems like maybe the system is working.

    Hmm, more minmatar pilots atm, so that probably means the farmers are on our side atm. Also makes sense that the side with more pilots will die more. Basically, all looks like it's within normal values and operation.

  3. Would not bother with CSM, it's nothing but a PR tool and has been since it came out. Devs will do what they do.