Monday, March 26, 2012

Sand Castles

The single most largest mistake CCP is making with regards to Faction War, is presuming to think that Faction War should be about taking space.

Faction War is not about taking space. Faction War is about war --battles, pvp, and action.

Only when CCP understands this will they be able to truly focus on changes that could make Faction War great.

Forcing space-taking game mechanics on Faction War pilots is like telling a kid in a sandbox that he can only build castles.


  1. "Forcing space-taking game mechanics on Faction War pilots is like telling a kid in a sandbox that he can only build castles"
    : ) lol

  2. "The single most largest mistake CCP is making with regards to Faction War, is presuming to think that Faction War should be about taking space."

    No, the single largest mistake CCP is making about Faction War, is the presumption that there needs to be a reason.

    Look at red vs blue. Why are they fighting? Because they want to fight.

    End of reasoning.

    To make FW better, make it so the particpants find it both easier to find a fight and enjoy the fight they find.

    And for gosh sakes, keep the problems with 0.0 warfare out of FW.

  3. I just watch the Faction Warfare video from Fanfest and CCP's ideas sound terrible. It seems they are trying to create nullsec-lite. I hope you will write up a detailed (yet diplomatic) rebuttal that we can direct CCP toward to send them on a less foolish path.

  4. Two caveats before my post, I am neither a faction war player, nor have I been around Eve for a super long time.

    What if they changed faction war so that it existed in 2 different formats.
    Militia: You join the Militia, and you work for your empire in the cause of taking and holding their space, as well as blowing up things belonging to their enemies. You get paid for participation by the empire (similar to how incursions work)
    Privateer: You receive a letter of marque from your empire. Same rules as currently apply to attacking enemy Militia (and enemy privateers). In addition, while you are in enemy space, you may attack neutrals with no sec hit. All GCC and Criminal tagging rules still apply, and you will still get concorded in High sec, but Concord basically recognizes you as a paramilitary unit, and doesn't otherwise treat you as a criminal. You receive no pay for this from the empire. For example, a Minmatar Privateer could kill anyone who is not a Minmatar Militia member or privateer in Amarr high sec, they would get concorded, but take no sec status hit. If they did the same in Caldari high sec, they would take the sec hit.

  5. I am not a FW player, I am just trying to understand :).

    If there are no consequences, just fights, then how is FW any different to RvB or small gang roams in Syndicate (differences in null-sec mechanics aside)?

    Are you saying that FW should be a mechanism to allow for the shooting of a decent number of reds in empire space and have no consequences beyond that?

    1. Currently, FW isn't really much different then RvB except we have Faction missions and plexes (which do essentially nothing)

      I am not saying anything about consequences in this post. However, how can you enforce 'consequences' on something that doesn't really have any benefits to it? That would be basically punishing people for being in Faction War without giving them a real reason to be there.

    2. So you don't want the "stick" of having to manage sov and all that BS, got it.

      The real question then is: What's the "carrot" that you'd want?

  6. Yup, CCP just don't seem to "get" faction war. And it's all so easy. People just need more of a reason to PvP.

    Nerf faction war missions.
    To FW missions add long range web and snipe towers to 3's and 4's. (Stops the speed tanking alt/stealth bomber trick)
    Increase the LP's for PvP kills to be on a par with the value at 75% of platinum insurance.
    Add some unique items to the FW LP store that cannot be got elsewhere.

    Suddenly we have the PvP equivalent of Incursions! People are signing up to the militia to PvP to get the militia LP's to buy cool stuff just as CONCORD LP's do the same for Incursions!

    Faction War is NOT 0.0-lite. We want to shoot ships NOT structures!

  7. OK - I specifically attended the FW talk at Fanfest as I have never been involved in FW, but have often read/heard about the problems. On the face of it the suggestions did just sound like 0.0 lite, but there wasn't any real context in the talk to help me understand the likely impact (positive or negative) the proposed changes would have.

    Thanks for your last two posts - they have provided the much needed context, and I can now see how horrible this would almost certainly make things.

    Keep providing the context and background to CCP's suggestions to us, the uninformed, and I hope that CCP and, in particular, the new CSM will hear and respond.

  8. Nice to know my country actually won the Vietnam War. :)