Friday, March 23, 2012

Faction War Changes

Faction War Changes

CCP Navigator posted a forums post about proposed FW changes.

I posted a few questions on the post regarding how they are going to implement the station dockin restriction stuff (and how or what triggers this) as well as questions about the sovereignty stuff that sounds an awful lot like they're heading toward making FW like a mini nullsec. However, some of the info they gave on the post was somewhat vague, so we'll see.

Hans Jagerblitzen replied on the post that he was going to wait until he had more info and read more about it before commenting...which made sense since it was really quite...vague.

However, no matter what, I forsee raging of some kind in FWs future. Either the RPers will be raging, or the pirate FW pilots, or the small-gangsters, or the plexers or someone. There's no way that CCP can make us all happy.

Simply no way.

I was kind of disappointed that they didn't announce something more four way war or something.

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  1. I think CCP has been put into a 'no win' situation on a lot of fronts. They'll be forced, at some point, to develop the game in the best interest of the company with the hopes that they'll attract more customers than they lose.