Thursday, September 22, 2011

9 Reasons to Giggle

What starts with "Despite the obvious trolls...",  leaves pineapple's at Pandemic Legion's door, and ends with a petition for a shiny new station?

Why, Shalee's recent post on Sovereignty Wars listing her own '9 Reasons' to Join Amarr Militia, in mirror to my recent 9 Reasons to join the Minmatar post.

There are sound bites. There are videos links. There are wizard hats. Well done, Shalee.

Who whines like a boss, and fits ships like a blind monkey in a pawn shop?


"I don't like all this trolling guys... .......stop trolling me guys."

"It seems that people want to shoot me and blow me up because they are acting like Hitler...."
"I'll explain this guys. Because they want me to fit my ship the way they want me to fit it. That is being like Hitler."

Undertovv's proteus getting killed by a dramiel (in his own militia.)

Another Reason Why Undertovv gets Trolled
(An old killmail, but in light of recent sound bites surfacing, worth pulling out.)

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