Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Aftermath

Good battles with the Amarr have been somewhat few and far between. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they seem continuously outnumbered lately, something we can’t really help a whole lot. What do you do? Inform half your fleet that they should just log out because they won’t be allowed to come with you?

I’ve taken to avoiding some of the larger fleets and sticking with my corpmates. I join up once in a while but find I get frustrated more often than not. I hate taking time to think things through and plan things out as a lot of FCs are want to do. If a situation looks even a little like something we can take on, I like to Leroy in
Usually speed and surprise helps a lot in a fight…it doesn’t give the enemy a chance to really think or plan themselves. At least I know with my corp that they have the same mindset and that if something drops on a gate or undocks from a station they are going to engage—not wait to see what we can pull together to fight it, or see what sort of friends it has around.

I’m now -4.01. Very close to being permanent flashy. Probably only a couple more ship kills and I will be, if I don’t do much carebearing in the meantime. I’m not big into carebearing, so it’s probably not going to hold me back, however a corpmate got over 3 billion isk doing an escalation the other night so they’ve been hard to resist. 3 Billion…that can buy a lot of battlecruisers and quite a few PLEXes on the side. Hard to say no to that.

At any rate, it’s probably time to do some more trading on my alt. And maybe recruit some more people for the Amarr.

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  1. Embrace the flashy red, it's the only way to fly!

    I would have a perfect -10 if I stopped shooting belt rats when bored.