Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get Your Eve Corporation Active Again: 7 Recruitment Tips and Techniques

Inactivity is a common ailment of corporations in Eve. Many times, it is just a phase. Other times, it may be a serious side effect to a more deeper issue within the corporation. However, for those times when it’s just a matter of there not being enough people to get things going, recruitment is usually the first step!

Recruiting can be arduous and boring. There are many responsibilities that a recruiter must think about, depending on the wishes of his corporation. The skills, security, personality, qualifications, and time zone of a new recruit could be crucial to whether they are an asset or liability to the corp. Finding just the right people can be a long, time consuming process.

I’ve recruited for several corporations over the years. At one point, I was even recruiting corporations for a small alliance. Below are some tips about things that did or did not work, as well as some techniques for making the recruiting process go much more smoothly for everyone involved.
Get your name, and the name of your corporation ‘out there.’

#1 Write a Post on the Recruitment Forums. This will be hand for several different reasons. First, as a top level tool to filter recruits. If you are only looking for a certain time zone, or a certain skill set, it can help you filter to those who meet the requirements. Also, it will help keep you from repeating yourself ( a LOT) later on. Be sure to write a good solid post. This is so important (and lengthy) of a topic, I might go more into detail in a later post.

#2 Respond to other posts. Don’t just copy/paste a standard reply. Really filter through, and read the posts. Give them concrete reasons why you think they may be a good fit. Respond to various things they say in their post to perk their interest.

#3 Build your network. Networking is extremely important. This could include chatting with people (even other recruiters) in the recruitment channel. Being active in other channels. Talk to people—don’t just spam stats about your corporation. Talk about interesting things that have happened recently, or things your corporation is doing.

Streamline the Process

#4 Make information readily available. There’s nothing more frustrating to a recruit then not understanding what is expected of them, or what your specific process is. Make things easier by having a mail or forum post on hand that outlines the steps a recruit must take to join the corp, including all security items required, links to any applications, as well as details on what information you need from them. (ie: killboard stats, skillsheets, etc.)

#5 Make it as Simple as Possible. I understand that many corporations fear spies. Go through your process and cut out any unnecessary steps. Make any applications as short and as simple as possible. There is no sense having extra work for anyone—either you or the new recruit.

#6 Come up with a set of ‘rules’ prior to recruiting. Talk to the CEO and other recruiters. Make sure everyone is on the same page as to what kind of people you are recruiting. It’s very frustrating for a new recruit, when in conversation, you constantly say you have to go consult someone else. It also makes your corporation look disorganized, and makes you look uninformed. Make a detailed list of all the important qualifications you are looking for…including skill points, time zone, skill set, etc. Check with the ‘boss’ to see how lenient you are allowed to be.

When the Cards are on the Table

#7 Follow Through. Don’t take weeks to reply to emails, do security checks, or accept applications. The recruits want to play Eve NOW. If you take too long to respond to the situation, it will appear you are not completely enthusiastic about them joining. They will grow bored and move on, or will get recruited by another corporation over your head. And remember…everyone wants to be wanted.

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